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Default 56,882 turkeys harvested

56,882 turkeys harvested


When we say Show-Me in Missouri that is exactly what Missouri Hunters did
this year-- spring wild turkey hunting season started with a record setting
first day and week that carried all the way through the three-week hunt.

The total for the three-week harvest was 56,882 turkeys, an increase of 42
birds over the previous record, which was set in 2000. Also of the turkeys
harvested this year, 80 % Adults and 20 % Jakes.

The people that should be proud of this accomplishment in Missouri are. The
Missouri Department of Conservation, National Wild Turkey Federation and
most of all the residents and landowners of Missouri. They all have made
Missouri the No.1 state for habitat and hunting the wild turkey. Which
brings millions of dollars in revenue for business each year to the state.

If the warm and moderately dry weather holds for this spring the potential
for a great hatch this year could occur. Which means even better season to
come in the future. So landowners watch out for those nesting hens this

Young hunters killed 3,269 gobblers during the two-day youth hunting season April 10 and 11, bringing the spring harvest total to 60,151

That tops last year's figure by 1,730. It also puts Missouri in an enviable position as the nation's top turkey hunting state.
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