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Now there's a pair that will beat a full house! The Sherwood Forest Camo is cool, like nothing you've ever seen really and at first it does makes some people gunshy---some people even admittedly flat-out hate it at first look--that is until they stick it in a November woods most anywhere----then it disappears! Remember most everything is tan and brown during fall bowhunting seasons(which is primarily when the highest percentage of bowhunters are out, sorry turkey hunters, had to go with the percentages) with only a little green thrown in here and there. Merlin has done their best to copy that.

Plus, they do their own camo in-house, and don't have to pay royalties on every bow. This in turn saves a boatload of money that can be better spent on finer details and attributes that are much more important.

The Omega system has straight and level nock travel at all drawlengths when set-up according to the instructions, so it is easier to setup(follow instructions![8D]) and more accurate (as Jerry mentioned) than other cam systems that do not offer the same attributes. Evolution continues, and it's cool---I told ya , didn't I, Jerry? [8D] Good shooting, Pinwheel 12
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