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Default Early Christmas

I posted this on another site as well cause I'm like kid at Christmas. Christmas came early for me with the help from Pinwheel12. I was looking for a new 04 Merlin Max and Pinwheel gave me a deal I couldn't turn down. I'm now the father of two merlins. A 01 Max2000 w/rapid cams and now a new Max3000 w/Omega cam. I no sooner opened the box and went out to a bow shop and picked-up all new accessories. I was up till 1:00am putting it together. Today in less the 2 dozen arrows I had it grouping out to 50 yds. UNBELIEVABLE how sweet it is!! These Merlins shoot so well for me. Better then any bow I've owned. And I've had a few.

PW made the whole tranaction so easy and you can't beat his prices. Believe Me I looked. Thanks again PW. HO!HO!HO! Merry Christmas. Jerry.

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