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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
6.45/ gallon of off-road diesel at the marina. Wish I had topped off my tanks when I arrived many months ago at 3.25 a gallon but smart I topped them off last month at 5 whatever a gallon. This crap is nuts. I saw locally the diesel jump 20 cents in two days. How soon before gas rationing comes back?
This is a side-track, but it is worth noting we are about to see the blossoming of a whole new category of energy woes. Like the gasoline and diesel fuel woes, this is a self-inflicted wound -- an unforced error. I think we are going to see severe issues with electricity this summer. This will manifest itself in higher electricity prices and in rolling black outs. I hope I am wrong, but I fear this is going to be a major issue as hot summer comes on and air conditioning electric loads sky rocket.

I say unforced error, because this is a totally predictable result -- just as were the liquid fuels price increases -- due to the aggressively anti-energy policies of the Biden administration. And I'm not an original predictor of this. The subject has been floating around for one or two months, but the guppy-brained media do not bring it up. They are too busy chasing the latest bright shiny object that has appeared, like Ukraine, or surging COVID cases, or the Amanda Heard trial. I feel these people -- the Biden administration -- are just happy goluckily walking into a buzz saw. We shall see. I imagine their response will be "Who knew! How could we be expected to anticipate this happening?!"
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