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Originally Posted by chazspot View Post
I could see liberals getting behind this and voting for these horrible policies, but what confuses me is how the rich liberals support this. I live among many Trump-hating liberals who are quite well off and work hard to get richer. How could they throw all that away for such policies? I don't see it.
Chazspot: First, I don't know the reason well-off liberals support this stuff. Liberal guilt? It seems sort of trendy, sort of fashionable? These are plausible explanations and probably explains some of the well-off liberals. Second, take a look at my quote from Xenophon again. It wasn't ALL the population that Cyrus treated in this way -- the subjects were treated this way, but not the "nobles." Without parsing what the nobles would constitute under ancient Persian government . . . it is quite possible that the nobles of Cyrus's time equate to the rich of today. The rich of today are connected, have a stake in things, have considerable influence in government and power in the business world. They AREN'T the slaves, they are among the ruling noble class. That is a hypothetical explanation and answer to your question. Does my answer hold up to scrutiny? I don't know. Maybe all three of these might combine together to provide 65% of an answer?
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