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Angry There are some ban-happy gun/shooting sites in Ok.

There are only two Oklahoma-specific unnamed forum websites for guns and hunting. I got booted out the 'shooters' site in short order for supposedly "having more than one account". A case of mistaken identity. I then tried to take out a new account at the same "shooters" site over my smartphone instead of my PC the second time. Got booted out summarily again for "having more than one account". My Android telephone transmits my mobile data over cell towers. My PC uses a local ISP via coaxial, Fidelity Communications. I don't think my mobile carrier, Tello Mobile over T-Mobile network, and my local ISP use common IP addresses but I could be wrong. It rather sucks because I cannot connect with a gun/shooting specific forum site of my home state. Basically, they are banning any new member from Fort Sill/Lawton area on the assumption that it's another person they got rid of that they didn't like previously. They might not like out-of-staters on their forums as Lawton/Fort Sill is a military town with a lot of outsiders circulating through. Oh, and the unnamed Oklahoma-specific hunting forum site treats me the same way, mistakes me for somebody else. Oklahoma is a rather clannish part of America.
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