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No hut even though I do own a clam pop up. I like the freedom of being outside. I fish 1 line with 1 lure and move until I find fish. I target pan fish commercially and fish most days. Today wasn't going to happen with winds at 23 MPH and temps in the 10 to 15 range. Right now I am going for yellow perch but often especially later in the season the gills sunnies and crappie are my targets. I use a custom 30 inch CP2 big eyed rod rod with a Pflueger 30 series presidential reel and 6 pound Trilene sensation in solar for the perch. My flat fish rods are 30 inch HT blue ultra lite with a direct wind reel loaded with 4 pound Trilene sensation in solar. Perch lures are always those bibbits I talked about and I use rockers, demons and a few other small jigs tipped with maggots for the flat fish. I have a 6" fin bore auger powered by a Dewalt cordless hammer drill. I use 7 gallon buckets with a seat to sit on and carry fish all towed in an big otter sled. A decent day for me is 100 pounds on both perch and flat fish. I get around on a 750 Suzuki King Quad with power steering with chains on the rear wheels. My ice suit is a floating outfit made by Striker and my boots are muck Arctic pros with Kahtoola micro spikes for traction. Our season here usually starts the week before Christmas and lasts until ice out which usually happens around the first of April. Some of the best fishing is later in the season. I don't target larger fish but do catch a fair amount of bass and northern pike when fishing for flat fish in the weedy back bays. The perch are often in the broad lake and an occasional lake trout or lake white fish will show up as unintended catch. My house is on the broad lake side and so far it has not frozen but as soon as it sets up I'll be walking out there for some good large perch bites.
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