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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
A ranch next to the one I hunt leases hunting rights to 2 guys from the bay area for $10K a piece per year. The area they can hunt is about 2,000 acres. It comes out to $5/acre but they don't break up the acreages for different leases. It's lease all 2,000 acres or nothing. In this zone, there are Mule Deer/Blacktail hybrids and you can draw 2 deer tags per year (Definitely not record book quality). I know there is no way I'd pay $10,000 a year to hunt for 2 bucks. It's crazy what some people pay for hunting leases.
I got priced out by outfitters to the tune of $18,000 for 600 acres......I paid $12,000

Been that way here for a long time though. If I could find 2,000 acres here for $10,000 I'd make an honest living off of it. Meaning I could outfit/guide that the right way and make a living assuming it was good habitat. No way you can outfit 600 acres for $18,000 and be profitable if you are providing a quality experience.
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