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Originally Posted by flags View Post
You Sir are the very epitome of pathetic. I have noticed on the reloading pages here that you seem to think only your viewpoint is correct. Newsflash: you just ain't that bright. Now lets see if you put me on ignore or if you respond yet again. Balls in your court Otis.
^^^ Boy, Did U Nail That Correctly Flags, a Legend in one's own mind without backup info but a helluva lot of Rederick. " I read Nom______8's stuff because he pushes the envelope on what rifles can do long range and in competitions " < maybe Shines there ~ but the game shooting Practices expressed, kinda reminds me of the mexican muley-poach-camp shooters at the ridge down in San Diego ( where it's Quantity Not Quality ) . there's 2 expressions I learned in AA starting 35 yrs. ago : ' some people just have Broken Perceptors' # 2 "They are not at fault , They seem to have been born that way ".
btw - regarding the .257"s- I'll take My Eny M17 Eddystone 25-06 all day long and the barrel still has plenty of life left , killed ALOT of game with it. ( Lope and Deer Not Target competition , never cared to go there . also , a good 130gr. in the 270 win is definitely > no need for Creed ( for Game) I could care less 1 way or the other about johnny-come-lately cartridges but I did build a 7-08 for my Gal back in 06 cause it shoots easy and well for her.
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