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best of luck to you's
what exactly isn;'t working on your trail camera?

I just lost 3 of them this summer, as they age, they start to get issue's is my experience with them
go from working great one day to, starting to skip pic's, or stop taking pictures
SOME times can get lucky with replacing with new batteries and a new never used SD card, and buy a little more use out of them
but for me, 2-3 yrs is all I get typically out of cheap camera's running 24-7 here, getting 700-1,000 pic's a week on them, then they start to just mess up and or die
some of my higher end camera;'s I some times get 4-6 yrs, but to be honest, due to having trespasser issue;'s and stolen camera's I don't buy many higher end camera's any more!
can just buy several cheaper one's for there price!

been running trail cam's since the late 90's, at one point I think I had like 50 of them going, at once between 5 properties!
buying batteries was costing me a fortune , as they didn;t last as long as batteries do these days in modern camera's

also, way cheaper to run digital cam's over them 35 mm and 1 hour developing HAHA< OH the amount of money I wasted on them things!~

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