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The bullet is supersonic. Muzzle velocity is about 2400 fps.

The suppressor isn't nearly as quiet as Hollywood makes them out to be. Typical unsuppressed muzzle blast is about 170db. Suppressed drops it about 30-35 db, meaning it's still in the 130+ db range. That's still pretty loud.
Also, one field study I saw indicated that the sound of a supersonic bullet hitting a hog makes a 'Thwack' that's >130db, so even if the gun made no noise, the hit is very loud.

My experience is that when hogs get shot at, they either run back in the direction from which they came, or they run in the direction they were already going. On occasion that's meant they actually run toward the shooter. With or without a suppressor, their behavior doesn't vary much. But, using a suppressor allow me to hunt in some areas where an unsuppressed weapon might attract unwanted attention. In this case I was in an area of small farms with a few residences in the area. Suppressed is quiet enough that folks more than maybe a quarter of a mile away don't wake up.

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