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Default forming cases for a 6.5 Gibbs

pretty simple process actually. start with a 270 Winchester.

2nd from left is a 270
3rd is a 270 necked to a crush fit in a 6.5 Gibbs chamber
load it with 11 gr. of unique powder, fill it with cornmeal, plug with a 22 patch packed tight, remove your brake if you have one, keep muzzle pointed down and fire. watch barrel heat cause it will get hot. all the way to the left you will see a fire formed 6.5 Gibbs case, but notice the crack from pushing the shoulder forward. you will lose 2% of the cases in this process. On the right is a 270 and a 6.5 cartridge.
why would you do this? well the straight walls and sharp shoulder of the case lets you shoot higher velocities with less pressure signs, the 6.5 Gibbs will run a 140 gr bullet at 3300 fps, easily besting the 264 win. mag. and use 9 grains less powder doing it.
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