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I used 3 different muzzle loadering shotguns last year and whacked 7 birds.
1st up was my great grandfathers sxs 16 ga. Weighs a ton. 1.7 oz.. #6 copper plated lead, 95 grains of Pioneer Gold. Shot that bird at 7 yards and was 1 of 3 that came in on my 70th birthday.
Next up was a White Tominator. 1.75 ozs of #5 copper plated lead, 105 grains of Pioneer Gold. I missed 1 bird at 10 yards. But did get the next at 15.
The next 5 birds I used my Pedroselli 10 ga sxs. 95 gr, shot card, lubed felt, 1 7/8 #6, shot card.
With lots of work I finally found a load that 10 ga liked.
Front end stuffing shotguns. It is a blast!

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