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NOW< back on topic
I will State this
finding a load/bullet your rifle likes, doesn't ONLY have to do with bullet weight,
as Shape Design, and BC, all come into play!
as do powders used under said head!

I have a lot of very high end super accurate custom rifles, that are SUPER picky on things they like
and have some that will ONLY shoot one bullet design and powder combo, to get max results

where same grain bullets of other types will shoot 2 inch groups, one's of EXACT SAME WEIGHT< will shoot sub 1/2 inch groups

so, just changing bullet weight isn;'t the only part of finding a round YOUR rifle will like

and I will go as far as to say this too
since your planning to deal with factory loaded ammo

I have seen guns shoot same factory loaded ammo, but of different ammo runs, meaning ALL ammo NOT from the same lot
shoot differently!, as in group sized changed just from LOT to LOT of exact same factory ammo load!

SO, typically and I know this time with ammo being scares and crazy high priced

BUT once things calm down, and you find ammo gun likes
I strongly suggest buying a few boxed of same lot ammo to have for rifle!

its worth buying once you find what it likes!
call it all food for thought !
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