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I contacted our state senator Casey Knudsen over a week ago. I explained to him that the people of Montana spoke over 10 years ago with an initiative to do away with just this in 2010 when Montana did offer outfitter sponsored tags. This bill is receiving lots of objection gauging from forums I have seen. My one question would be to the senator who is sponsoring this bill....why provide these tags to outfitter, why not work towards providing landowners with sponsor tags , like we see available for deer. I know a small percentage of tags are available for landowners in Montana and out of state owners, but when you have herds of elk and antelope residing on private land, why not give these farmers and ranchers some stake in the game? Also, forum mods may want to move this to the Big game forum, it is not really about politics, it is about people having the ability to obtain big game tags...
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