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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
You guys just came off one of your worse election cycle except for the theft of the presidency and you claim the Republican party is in trouble? You guys lost every contested seat in the house that was a must win. You got spanked in the state elections. To top it off, you're so scared of Trump, you're trying your best to take him out still. The best is we get the last laugh. The impeachment charade has already failed. It's costing you guys democrat support. You guys will loose both the Senate and House come 2022. It's a good time to be a republican.
I prefer to be the party of law and order and anyone who leads a group to attempt a COUP of the government, burn the constitution and kill our government leaders should be impeached and should go to jail. 45 was doing everything he could to end elections in this country. Prove otherwise? If he would have been successful I am sure in 2 years his next BS charge would be that he would have to appoint all congressman because the elections are fraud and Ivanka will simply move into his spot.

You mean the Dem taking over the Senate by taking seats in AZ and in GA is not a big deal. Do you also mean that POTUS getting crushed in a landslide is not a big deal. Perhaps you should ask McConnell how it feels to be Chuck and Nancy's Bit$& now. I don't think he would tell you how great the GOP did in the election.

I love 45 doing what he is doing. He has totally fractured the GOP. Going to make it even easier to win back more seats.
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