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Originally Posted by NeverWill View Post
Seems like quite a worldwide conspiracy you are stating. You mean the whole world was against 45. Funny that he has his minions buying into even that idea.

Interesting how in almost every category the US has handled the virus the worst.

The yield curve inverted in November 2019, sending a strong signal that the recession was coming. Even though Job growth(what little there was) wsa paid for by doubling the deficit in just 2 years. 45 and the GOP are probably lucky the pandemic came along or they would have had to come up with another excuse for the 2020 recession. It was looming.
Just more lies. It's too bad there are no rules around here regarding posting lies. The US has beaten most countries in the battle of the Wuhan Red Death. For one, our peers aren't making up every death calling it Wuhan Red Death. So counting isn't the same. Second, delete the deaths directly caused by Democrat governors who forced nursing homes to take Wuhan Red Death positive people and spread Wuhan Red Death faster than herpes spreads through the Kennedy compound at Christmas time.

At some point, can't you ever defend what the hell Democrats are doing killing jobs in America? Remember, the democrat governor's have killed their own states. Name one lockdown order Trump gave in any state? We will wait. Now Biden is directly killing high wage, high skilled jobs in America. Kerry old bolt neck, said the common folks are making poor choices in what jobs they want to do and he knows better than them. Really, why don't you define that comment. Did you make a poor choice in what you choose to do each day?
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