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The only time I watched his speeches was to compare them from different channels sites videos etc seen a lot of differences seen a lot of comparisons not a big deal . What he says no matter who it is during a debate gets ya votes once your votes in folks wanna see those things carried out Trump did a lot of what he said , take in consideration four years of non stop fight tooth and nail nothing easy no time to relax constantly fighting watching your back how you talk etc at every corner there was someone looking for an oumce
of reason to rid you , constant LIES on most every channel and outlet to brain wash folks into hating you and yes thatís exactly what they did , BUT When you look at the proof he came out on top he was awesome for the country and 99% of what was said was proven wrong with out a doubt and those are FACTS dont matter what else is said his actions and the things he did was awesome notice I did t say he was awesome what he did for US was awesome ... NOW heís gone you wanna compare Bidenís debates and see what heís done or ya wanna give him a ur or two then compare to be fair
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