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:confuse d0024:

Ainít the first time, wonít be the last.

I didnít even have to work as hard to find all of my components this year for my PRS/NRL season as I did the last two years... I picked up 4,000 BR2ís and BR4ís, 500pc of 6 creed and 300pc of 6.5 grendel (form into 243 LBC), 16lbs of H4350, 16lbs of Varget, and 8lbs of 8208, and 1500 103ELDís and 2500 109 Hybrids during Dec and Jan. Last season it took about 3 months of stalking to find 2500 105ís, and I spent 4 months two years ago trying to accumulate 24lbs of H4350...
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