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Default Bushnell Nitro/ customer service

I had an elite 3500 3x9-40 on a .270(my wife's rifle). The scope got stuck at 9x, the adjustment ring would not move. I've been pleased with the several Bushnell elites that I have and I was quite surprised when it failed on me. It was still holding zero, but the adjustment would not turn.

I sent it back to Bushnell (lifetime no questions asked warranty.) They replaced it (literally no questions asked, never spoke with me about anything) with a Bushnell Nitro 3-12x44. SEEMS to be a pretty nice scope just looking at it here in the garage.

The only thing is it's a 30mm tube and I had a 1" tube. I'm ok with that, I have other rifles with 30mm tubes and will find a home for this scope.

Wondering if anyone has any reviews or knows anything about the Bushnell Nitro.


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