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Originally Posted by hubby11 View Post
I really don't care if your goofball accusations were true. Soon to be the second highest elected official in the land. Trump has been credibly accused of sexual assault other charges, I don't recall anyone one here calling him the rapist-in-chief or whatever. And if someone did my opinion would be the same.

No. Class.
Really? Credible charges? When and by whom? There isn't a single one out there unlike creepy Joe who we the taxpayers had to payoff the girl he raped. Meanwhile creepy Joe was able to keep all the info sealed despite claims his public records we going to the University of Delaware for transparency.
Trixie is the classless girl of the night which Willie Brown himself admits to it. While she was turning a trick, he was getting her appointment's to good high paying government jobs.

I do find it funny how because she could turn tricks well, she lands the "second highest paying job. What were her qualifications exactly? Oh, that's right, she is assumed to be black. That's it. She didn't get a single vote in the primary from anyone in America and is now possibly in line for this job because of skin color and fraud.

What a tale of who you hold in high regards. A rapist and a hooker. Well let's not forget that Joe is directly on the Chinese payroll. So is he a hooker or just a sell out of America?

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