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Originally Posted by Beau Ouiville View Post
Yes, there exists no racial invective and the EEOC has gone out of business due to lack of volume. Deal with reality.
Another government agency for you to hide behind and claim "I'm a victim". It's a useless agency just so you can reach your hand in someone else's wallet because you're a victim. This in the day and age when you can get someone fired for using the word niggarly. In the age where a CEO who personally helped out minorities get their first job, position of authority to owning their own franchise can get ousted from the company he founded and still was the majority stake owner because he said the dreaded N word that rappers use all the time during an anti-racism exercise. Or in the day and age where a young girl can be stalked for years just so some sick b(with a lot of letters) person can release a video from when she was a high school freshman celebrating getting her driver's license just to get her kicked out of her cheerleading scholarship and out of her dream school.

Useless government organization that should be cut ASAP.

I have a warning for you. Your cancel culture is running out of victims looking for that next trick to get a bus. They will come and cancel you because you don't have the power that Biden who calls black kids roaches has to give him a pass. They will come for you one day.
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