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Originally Posted by Beau Ouiville View Post
He had been separated for five years. Disbelieve internet rumors.

What do Pat Robertson, Jesse Jackson, Ronald Reagan and Todd Palin all have in common? They all had their first child less than 8 months into their marriages. Can we deal with the issues?

Palin forced an apology out of folks who misnamed her. People here should deal with politics and not racially-tinged insults.
Palin has morals, if she didn't, you would see a D after her name and you all would love her. Trixie, sought power. To get that power, Trixie slept with a the powerful Willie Brown who admits he appointed her to good government positions. You really think it was sex from a man in his sixties that kept her coming back for more?

You should relax, prostitution is the world's oldest profession. As long as there are horny men in powerful positions, there will be more Trixie's. However, to say this is racially-tinged remarks means you don't know your ethnic background of Trixie.

Trixie is Indian and Jamaican. She happens to be a couple generations removed from a big plantation owner in Jamaica that had hundreds of slaves. So I don't think she is "down with your struggle". I just wonder how much of her wealth should we demand government take to go towards the reparations she claims to be all for. Both her and Obama need to loose their wealth since they clearly were benefactors of slavery.
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