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Originally Posted by Mihajlo Simsic View Post
I know first hand how hard public land hunting can be, and it's even harder to find mature bucks in them let alone in the day light. Good job! Seeing him at 10 yards must've almost gave you a heart attack!
He actually followed the script pretty well so I was not surprised.......maybe a little surprised it actually worked but he did exactly what I expected. The big surprise was as I adjusted a little to get the sights on him a bigger buck(not a lot bigger but definitely bigger) stepped out from the same thicket this one just came from and had me pegged.

At that moment I had this buck dead in the rights at 10 yards and another bigger buck a few yards behind him that had just picked up my slight movement. I briefly weighed my options and let it fly thinking if I got greedy I was likely to end up with nothing.

It was an intense experience for sure.

The night before I got busted and made a fool of by a spike buck. Things can sure turn around in a hurry both good and bad.
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