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Originally Posted by NeverWill View Post
Funny how before the biggest butthole of a potus ever to exist, a month before the election when the polls were showing a blowout that occured, we had to start hearing this BS. When he won in 2016 he didn't cry like a baby about fraud, all the while the investigation proved without a doubt that he conspired with the Russians.

Oh well. He is a loser and he lost at a bigger rate than any potus ever lost.
Anybody who thinks a self-serving Biden Presidency and a realignment of the economy in the middle of a pandemic is wise is seriously arrogant, likely seriously selfish (short term profit), or self righteously stupid. Messing with an economy is like messing with an ecosystem, way way too many variables and complexities to anticipate the results. The law of unintended circumstances is likely to bite you in the ass. Sure you can nibble around the edges and make adjustments but messing with the foundations is likely to backfire on you. Our whole economy is predicated on growth and energy.
The Democrats coalition is largely nuts and completely divorced from logic or reality. Pandering to sectors of society is unlikely to be beneficial to society as a whole and IMO just breeds chaos.
Messing with the social foundations that have been refined over centuries is likely to produce the same results, a cascade of collapsing functionality.
The U.S. has reduced emissions by 10%, China and India combined have raised theirs by 450%. The Democrat answer is to realign the U.S. economy to further reduce emissions, this may or may not have any long term benefit and IMO is just as likely to cause more harm than good, the law of unintended consequence. You have to ask yourself how is tearing down the U.S. economy or social structure going to be good for the world in the long term?
My instinct tells me we are eventually headed towards feudalism after a few failed attempts at remaking our barely functional political system.
The same people who say there is no God and we owe all of our advancements to Darwinism seem to be the first ones who want to meddle with the natural progression of things. IMO both social engineering and economic meddling are bound to have catastrophic results, too complex on the one hand, and on the other hand, the attention span of most of humanity is way too manic to ever make radical changes work.
A long string of knee jerk crusades that are here today and gone tomorrow.
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