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Originally Posted by hubby11 View Post
My information is not based on CNN but rather the three complaints filed in Georgia, specifically, the Lin Wood suit (dismissed by District court, dismissal upheld by Circuit court, 3-0) the "Kraken" suit (Sidney Powell, dismissed by District court, will likely be appealed) and the Trump/David Shafer suit (its unclear whether this has yet been filed). You can read the complaints here. You might want to read through them. The Kraken case claims a bunch of things, including ballot stuffing, water leaks and the Dominion stuff.

The rest of your post is simply a childish rant about me and my profession, of which you know nothing. Yes I am a lawyer. I practice in maritime law and have no expertise whatsoever in election law (it would be like a dentist attempting open heart surgery). But I can read and follow a court case as can most people. I am not sure why you are trying to pick a fight with me, telling me to go crawl under a rock. This sub-forum is for debate; it's not an echo chamber.
Election shenanigans are as old as elections. The Democrat establishment has tried so many dirty rotten schemes they have forfeited any kind of trust. The telling number is the number of Counties Trump won and the number of Counties Biden won and where those Counties are located. Most of the population centers have a history of election fraud for decades (centuries).
I'd rather apply a little logic than trust to a questionable court. Law and justice are way too often decided by who has the better argument and often strays far from, logic, the facts, and reality. I have little faith in the system.
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