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Originally Posted by hubby11 View Post
Clever, but that means that half (actually more than half) of everyone in the United States is a moron and a traitor. Do you really believe that?
[Edit -actually, it would be half (more than half) of all [i]voters]

And is that the fallback? "OK, so there wasn't any widespread fraud but the election was still a sham since non-Trump voters are traitors." Seriously?
I probably should have said "and/or" rather than "and."

I have not met one Biden voter who could provide a rational reason, based on the policies of each candidate, that they voted "for" Biden. All I've heard from any Biden voter is the utterly moronic "orange man bad" that has been force fed to leftist idiots for four years by the media. The media (and the scum elected by leftists in Congress) have spent four years slandering Trump with nonsense. No one in the media has given ANY credit for positive things he has accomplished. And braindead leftists just eat it up. Who cares about peace deals in the Middle East? Who cares about improved trade deals with China and Mexico and Canada? Who cares that the stock market hit 30,000 despite a global pandemic? Who cares that unemployment rates for minority groups hit the lowest levels, ever? Who gives a rat's ass that he signed criminal justice reform that changes some of the most harmful elements of "systemic racism" that were included in BIDEN's crime bill enacted a couple decades ago? "Orange man bad!!! Orange man bad!!!" That's all you've got. "Oh, my, I don't like his tweets. It demeans the office. He made fun of a reporter. Oh Nooooo!!!!" "Racist!!!" "Xenophobe!!!"

The media has done nothing but fawn over Biden. Nothing but positive coverage. Providing cover for ALL of his scandals. Little or nothing about Ukraine, China, hair sniffing, sexual misconduct. All covered up by a complicit media that is supposed to be reporting about this kind of stuff. Instead, because every Leftist suffers from a psychological condition called Projection, they accuse Trump of the very things that they themselves are guilty of, with zero proof that Trump ever was. Further, many of the left's policies are clearly and unequivocally anti-freedom and anti-Constitution.

When told about these issues, 17% of Biden voters who were asked said that it would have changed their vote. But no... let's go to the polls uninformed and vote for the guy that Jimmy Kimmel likes. Yeah... That's the ticket!

So, yes. I stand by my statement that every Biden voter is a moron, allowing themselves to be lied to and led about by a corrupt media, and/or a Constitution/Freedom/America hating traitor.

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