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Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
OK looking at your rules quickly, a in line will be out of the question, as there illegal
now me, and I know many won't agree,
I HATE hunting with a flintlock, version
too many steps and things that can go wrong IMO
I'd WAY rather bow/archery hunt than use one!
but we all have different likes and steps were willing to take to enjoy a hobby or sport!
I was reading your first post, and I was just about to say that 209 primers are illegal where I am at, then you corrected yourself.

A guy at Cabelaís pointed out a gun to me that was legal for muzzleloader and short range weapon seasons. This was a few days ago. Iíll see if I can figure out what model that gun was. All I remember was that it was about $329.00 or something like that.

he said it met all the regulations for muzzle loader and short range weapon seasons. Just to be on the safe side, Iíll double check that.

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