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well like anything thing is life,. if something is worth the money /time and what not's, will always be a personal thing

there are more steps to shooting a muzzleloader than some want to have, and more safety issue's one should be very careful about, to be safe!
Cost can be a LOT higher IMO< for a muzzleloader than for say archery gear,(although both can be cheaper or more costly pending what and how far you wish to take things) as with archery gear you can re shoot the same arrows over and over, most states have much longer archery season, for more game animals as well!, really good archery hunters can hunt small game and waterfowl even ,(requires different fetching and heads, but can be done with same bow)
and YES blackpowder folks can do the same, but most times, they require a whole different gun(say a blackpowder shotgun over just the rifle)

if your not into reloading, learning how to safely use and store blackpowder and or its substitutes , and being a LOT more diligent on precise loading and powder charges, and making sure you clean gun and items OFTEN , as black powder is highly corrosive, and it has IMO< higher issue's with HOW Its stored and carried(absorbs moisture faster than other powders IMO)
then I wouldn;t suggest getting into Muzzleloaders

Archery gear is also something that takes due diligence in shooting FORM< you have to master form to be proficient when shooting a bow, and to be good at shooting a bow(not crossbows) but them too to a point)
to be good with a vertical bow, form is super important as is a LOT of practice.
so, if your NOT the type of person that wants to spend a LOT of time practicing and learning to be repetitious in your form , to be consistently able to shoot well, then honestly archery isn't the sport to get into, you won;t be doing any wildlife any good , by not making the effort needed to have clean kills!

NOW< other side of BOTH archery and black powder/muzzleloaders is, there like most other sports, they can be very addicting and as such, you can really spend MONEY FAST if you want to, or at times without realizing how deep your getting into any hobby

I have owned many many different muzzle loaders/black powder guns, as well as all sorts of archery gear
I have highly enjoyed all at times, but for me, I liked archery better,
I enjoyed the more quiet of things!
SO< the question you need to maybe ask is, what type of person are you, are you willing to spend the time and do the training needed to be safe and proficient,?
can your budget allow for things?
as being broke to do something can make that SOMETHING< be a lot less fun and enjoyable, than it might be if your budget allowed more freely to enjoy it!

BOTH can be found in used forms,like anything, knowing what to look for before buying helps a ton and will save you $$
due to black powder being highly corrosive, bores and chambers and trigger area's need special looking at
archery gear, limbs and strings cam's all need special attention/ looking over
and archery gear AGE"S. where even well kept items, will age and can become issue's!
Muzzleloaders, well, age alone doesn't have same effects,
but how cared for can!

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