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Default My Thanksgiving buck....

Here’s a picture of the buck I took this past weekend.

Saturday morning it was about 28 deg and extremely still, perfect weather for deer hunting. You northern boys might think that is beach weather, but for us Texas boys that’s darn cold!

About 30 min after sun up, one of our stag bucks (refer to my earlier post about stag bucks on our ranch) that we had spotted several times was down at my feeder. I had my gun out the window, just about to squeeze the trigger and shoot the stag. Just before my gun went off, I heard a crash to my right coming from a creek. I looked over there and 2 does came out of the creek. Shortly behind them was a buck but I didn’t get a good look at him. I put my gun back down because I knew that the stag wasn’t gonna go anywhere, and I wanted to get a look at the buck that just came out.

Well, he went behind a large brush pile about 120 yrds away from my stand, came around the other side, and laid down! He must have been running those does all night. Well, he was in some tall grass so all I could see was the tops of his antlers. I kept watching him through my binoculars as he laid there for about 20 min. Finally he got up and went back behind the brush pile and stopped just before he was completely exposed on the other side. By then, I got a really good look at him and knew he was a shooter. I picked my gun up and had him in the scope but he was still behind a bunch of brush. I needed him to take 2 more steps and I would have a good shot. He stood there for another 30 min or so, really keeping his eye on my blind and hugging that brush. Finally after all this, he starts to come out from behind the brush but the way he was heading he only needed about 10 yards and he would be back in the creek and would be gone. As soon as he cleared the brush I whistled and he stopped just perfect. One carefully placed shot in his neck with my 22-250 and it was all over with. He’s currently at the taxidermist.

I apologize that I don’t have a digital picture of the entire deer. My buddy took this picture with his digital camera after I already caped him out. He’s a 9 point with a 17 5/8 inside spread. Gross B&C green score of 122 ½.. 6 ½ yrs old and dressed at 115 lbs. Not too bad for the Texas Hill Country. Our game management is really starting to pay off.

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