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The reason that Trump did not invoke the Insurrection act to deploy federal troops before is because SecDef Esper publically rebuked him, and said it would be wrong to use the insurrection act. He then deactivated the MP's from the 82nd airborne that the DoD had activated and sent to DC, without consulting the president.

Trump called him into his office and read him the riot act, and the troops were put back on red alert, but Esper still has his job.

Story from CBS here:

It was shortly after this that CJCoS Milley publically apologized for accompanying Trump to the burned out church in DC the day after the riots.

Milley also still has his job.

Links to stories:


The point I am trying to get across here is that the US military has sent clear indications that it is not all aboard with the concept of the unified chain of command. Which more than any other thing that has happened....is terrifying.

Former USMC General and SecDef James Mattis is also reported by Bob Woodward to have openly plotted to launch a coup against the president while still serving as SecDef... story here from The Gateway Pundit:


If trump continues to surround himself with deep state swamp creatures it wont matter what orders he issues...they just will not be carried out.

Example about 2 weeks ago trump ordered the declassification of all materials regarding russia gate, and publicly stated so on Twitter.

The DoJ responded by stating in open court that Tweets are not lawful orders. This despite the fact that DoJ held that presidential tweets are official presidential statements. Story and link here:

DOJ says Trump tweets on Trump-Russia declassification were not declassification orders

The Justice Department told a federal court that President Trump’s recent tweets about the declassification of Trump-Russia investigation documents did not actually constitute formal declassification orders as the DOJ opposed a motion to release more information connected to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Even after all this time, elements of the entire US government apparatus remain in open revolt against the President of the United States.

Which is, again, terrifying.

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