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Originally Posted by Alsatian View Post
Have you ever wondered why Trump has NOT used federal troops to quell riots this summer? Because he wanted to get re-elected. He probably knows that if he had used federal troops in the summer, the 'fake news' would have twisted that into some Nazi suppression. They would have been wrong, but it would have increased the 'fake news' headwind he is already fighting against.

But after the election Trump doesn't HAVE to give a crap what the press says. The election will be over. If there is violence, Trump can send forces in to quell the riots and just say "suck on it!" I believe there is precedent for this -- it is not beyond the powers of the President. I think Ronald Reagan did this during the riots associated with the Rodney King court decision. I also think that by this point in time there will not be many people who are supportive of riots continuing. I think folks sympathetic to the Democrats were OK with letting riots continue because they thought they made Trump look bad in some way. After the election -- that motivation is gone. We don't decide elections based on who can say the worst curse words, who has the effrontery to throw a Molotov cocktail furthest, who attacks people best.

In general, I suppose it depends on where the violence occurs. I can only say that I will defend myself and my family to repulse any attacks made on my family.
I concur, if the rabble riots I hope he sends out the National Guard and obliterates the scum.
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