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The National Pulse:

The third presidential debate set to take place on Thursday was originally supposed to center on foreign policy. But following the release of the Hunter Biden e-mails/laptop details in the New York Post, the wildly partisan Presidential Debates Commission announced that would no longer be the case, the effect being the protection of Joe and Hunter Biden.

On Friday the Debate Commission announced their topics for Friday, which are bizarrely similar to the first debate topics. The second debate will feature: Fighting COVID-19; American Families; Race in America; Climate Change; National Security; and Leadership.



Moderator of 3rd debate is a long time democrat activist, operative and political donor.
Well, you can be sure Trump will find a way to inject that into the debate, if that actually happens. And when he does, you can also bet he is going to make the explicit allegation that the debate commission is attempting to cover for Biden.

And when he injects it into the debate . . . be sure he is going to say something to the effect of: "How much more 'fake news' can you be than to totally lock-out an incredible breach of the trust of the American people by Joe Biden as Vice President of the United States and to shift the debate focus in the eleventh hour to give cover to Joe Biden?!!!"

These people just aren't very damned smart. The news media and the Democrat politicians aren't very smart. They are just winding themselves tighter and tighter into the spider web of Biden's corruption and deep-state corruption and media corruption.

By the way. I was thinking about how this sort of thing could happen -- Biden getting caught. Well, it sort of comes with the territory is what I would say. If you are deeply engaged in graft, if you sexually molest women, if your son is a drug addict and you are doing influence peddling through your drug addict son . . . hmmm, what could go wrong? That is all supposing this all pans out and is corroborated in various ways which it is seemingly likely to be.
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