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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
There is room for improvement in your hail call, your feeding call and goose call are pretty good but keep listening to the real thing and try to mimic them. As far as your hail call, it starts too fast and stays too fast and it is monotone. What the ducks are essentially saying is HEY hey hey hey ect. The first hey being the loudest and stretched out a bit then the next a little lower etc. Get you voice into the call it should be like EHHHH Ehh eh eh. The bolded call being the loudest and stretched out a bit then drop the volume as you continue.. You will be amazed at the difference using your voice through the call makes in the sound. If I call a lot I get a bit horse from using my voice. Also learn to make a good quack and use it occasionally after the hail call.
thanks for the input. Iím glad to know that my practicing goose calling made a difference. According to one of my hunting partners, he said I had a long way to go when it came to learning about calling. Iím glad I got my goose call better, I guess itís the duck call I need to work on.

Im leaving at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning to get to the field. Iíll let you all know how the hunt goes when I get back.
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