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It all makes sense now.

2 weeks ago when the house voted to condemn Qanon, a fringe conspiracy theory among a tiny % of R voters, I was like- why do that? No one has even heard of it, much less knows what it's about.

1 week ago the FBI lists Qanon and conspiracy theories as domestic terrorism...I was like, why?

Then this Hunter Biden conspiracy comes out.

Where we A) learn FBI director Wray and the FBI had this hard drive since DECEMBER of 2019, and sat on the exonerating evidence all through the Impeachment of the president over Hunter and Joe's ukraine corruption.

Now B) we learn the FBI's top child porn investigator was the one that subpoenaed the hard drive from the computer repair shop who had already offered to turn it in voluntarily.

It is all coming into focus: The dems knew this was about to hit for a few weeks now, and are going to try to portray this as a Qanon conspiracy theory- funded by the russians (of course) to "hand" Trump the election.

They condemned Qanon and the FBI classed it as domestic terrorism in advance to pre-emptively tackle the story. Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter brutally supress all dissemination of the story, even from official US government twitter and facebook accounts.

It all makes sense now.

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