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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
I would not encourage anyone to use a .204 for deer. And as a Hunter Trapper educator we strongly tell our students to NEVER take a head shot. Not under any circumstances. Why not? Because we've seen on walks after season with the Game Commission a couple deer a year that did not die from a head shot! These deer starved to death because the slightly misaimed bullet hit the skull and was diverted downward taking off the lower jaw. The poor animals suffered a horrible death either by starvation or being too weak to escape coyotes or bear.
Please don't ever take a head shot.
Out of curiosity, how many deer have you found over the years that died from poorly placed shoulder shots that ended up as gut shots, or missed vitals?

Missing is missing- and in a lot of cases, the problem is actually poor tracking skills as much as anything else.

Just saying.

I would however not use .204 for deer either, but I would not and do not hesitate to use .223. Just know the limitations of your cartridge, and take your shots accordingly.

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