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While I am not on here as much myself now a days I will still stop by once and a while and post. Years back I was given a temporary ban over in the political forum. But it was done fairly as two of us was given the cooling off period. I was warned and kept on just the same. I can look back and laugh at it today though. But I donít get involved on the politics on here now. But my point is some folks say stuff just to stir the pot and the set back and watch the top spin around and round laughing about it. Itís the way of some people on the internet are. No need to get to worked up about it. Just try and laugh about it and move on. If they know that they can get under your skin they will keep at it for a laugh. Itís sad but thatís the way some are. There really is no sense in getting all worked up about it. It has become the way of the Internet.. As others have stated there is still some great people on here that is more than willing to help others out. But the decision on what you do is entirely up to you..
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