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Sorry to see this happen Butch and hoping you change your mind. I think many of us have had to take a break from this place over the years. I've taken a few myself. FWIW, most of the time something like this happens, it's usually the result of just a few members and does not represent the entire group. It can feel like it's the whole group but that's because many of them don't jump in either way or want to get involved in the latest dustup. You aren't the first longtime member to leave (there have been hundreds) and, unfortunately, you won't be the last longtime member to leave. Each time one of you leaves, the place dies a little more. Not trying to be melodramatic but people who really knew this place in the early 2000's know what I'm talking about. Some of us hang on, hoping for a return of the golden years but they're a lot like life--eventually they pass you by. Shoot me a PM with your email and stay in touch.

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