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I would add GOOD insurance, as there really isn;t any way to stop a crook from breaking into the place when your NOT there,
I have a remote cabin and camp, and over the yrs tried everything under the sun, and its still been broken into

getting to know locals was the most productive thing I did(offering them rewards to arrest of those that broke in and , when in local bars I buy them drinks LOL)

trail camera's that shoot video and take still pictures can help, but its extremely hard to get GOOD footage to ID folks most times

but it can happen(as a fact I used 4 trail cams to catch a person this past spring stealing mail, got them arrested with a sting operation due to they were returning daily, but if they hand't the first set of camera's failed to get a clear picture of there face and I KNEW exactly where they were going , and still didn;t work out, which is why I said, getting clear video/pictures to ID enough to catch isn't easy)

you need several camera's and a LOT of luck to get evidence to ID anyone, all the more so at night when things are being taken with IR Flashes and movements can be blurry

its rather HARD to get clear images of camera's and video of crooks, ever see TV News of bank robberies and the videos they show, and they have TOP shelf camera's LOL

best idea I have again, is don't leave valuables behind, and have insurance coverage on property there!

if you wish to use trail camera's
One tip I would suggest is places a few camera's (some watching other camera's as if they see a camera they will steal that too,

but if you place a item they most likely will STEAL< and have camera's placed over that, it will increase the odds of a picture of them stealing that,
but set item up so they can only grab in ina few ways, so to increase the odds again of a good picture/video

best of luck to you

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