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Why are there so many?!
One reason is this: People are feeding wild hogs.

In many states running deer feeders is legal. Thousands of tons of corn pass through deer feeders in southern Oklahoma and Texas every year. Most of that corn is eaten by wild hogs. Few years ago i began fencing my deer feeders. ":Fencing deer feeders, that won't keep hogs out. Hogs get over five foot fences and escape from traps", you say. Yep, those trapped hogs sense their lives are in danger. Wild hogs won't put the same effort into getting over a feeder fence. A 26" high fence will keep out 90 percent of hogs. A 34" pig panel fence will keep all the wild hogs out.

We attempt to keep the wild hog population at one property down by shooting little pigs at an unfenced feeder. i sit in a stand about 40 yards away with a pump shotgun loaded with number 3 or 4 buckshot. i've killed as many as seven pigs at one shot. Earlier this year we killed 70 pigs in five outings after we killed several sows. When the pigs quit coming i shut the feeder off.

Dead pigs don't grow up to be hogs

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