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Those clumps weren't even typical for Black MZ.
They're like parmesan cheese clumps that crumble in your hand.
Below are the rest of the photos from frontiergander's thread on THR where he posted more photos.--->>> https://www.thehighroad.org/index.ph...#post-10906916
And he also posted a photo of a target fired with the same powder.
3 shots at 100 yards with 80 grains formed a nice group, with the top shot in the bullseye being with his normal load of 80 grains of Pyrodex.P.
That just shows that even the kitty litter granulation of Black MZ shoots very well.
Folks should know that APP 3F weighs .22% less than an equal volume of Goex 3F.
That means more shots per pound and less carbon and creosote residue than most black powders.
Every powder has its advantages and disadvantages.
There's plenty of posts on the internet attesting to how much people like Black MZ & APP.

Just today, riflee posted "If the Cartridge Goex is still selling I will be getting some. To tell the truth though the Alliant Black MZ I tested was just as consistent shooting. The only black powder sub I ever liked" --->>> see post #5 https://americanlongrifles.org/forum...?topic=62281.0

About a month ago the Jedediah Starr Trading Co. was selling left over Black MZ for $25.99 per lb., and now it's all sold out.
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