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have to ask, how is the Brasilia growing now,l does it look like it needs anything
if so, then you have your answer
if not, then well add the right amount!
I know 46-0-0 is the same thing as just plain old urea, as that's what I call it when I buy some
I have NEVER seen it burn anything, even when I spilled a bag on things
I am sure it can, but for me, its never been an issue of adding too much, it takes a LOT to change anything from my experience and its absorbed a lot thru the air, not just bleeding down into the soil,. the plants can absorbs it thru the air

if it was me this time of yr, even with rain coming, I would ONLY spread it towards very late in the evening, so it can release slower at night and any dew or condensation will help it stay put near plants!

good luck
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