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I recently planted a brassica plot with Austrian winter peas on September 12th. The reason for planting the peas was because the brassicas are nitrogen lovers and the peas fixate nitrogen from the air to the soil and also the deer absolutely love the winter peas. I have read that it is best to throw out 46-0-0 30 days after planting to boost growth of the brassicas. I have also read that you can burn the plants by throwing out too much and to be careful with the amount you throw. Hurricane Delta will be bringing a lot of rain to my area this weekend, so by Thursday would be an optimal time to throw out the 46-0-0. Since I have a nitrogen producing legume planted with the brassicas, would it be better to not throw out any 46-0-0 or throw out the right amount? If the best option would be throwing it out, how much per acre would you recommend?
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