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Originally Posted by JGFLHunter View Post
Why are there so many?! 😭🤦🏾‍♂️
Semi domesticated Hogs, but much like dogs when domesticated dogs go feral, they tend to run in packs. Hogs are usually a family group pack, but they are flexible, after a few generations most of the neighboring packs are relatives. Packs or sounders are sometimes splintered by the death of the leaders and often break up into age groups. A typical sounder is around twenty members, but sometimes two or more sounders join up for a short period, the leaders are likely sisters or daughters. They tend to sort out the hierarchy by age, gender, and size, the pack leader is usually the largest and oldest, her oldest daughters my split off and start another sounder. A lot of studies have been done on their social structure. It's in their DNA and even domesticated Hogs are likely to revert back to the basics. The Sows are the pack leaders, Boars older than 18 months are usually run off and outsiders and only allowed to mix during breeding. The only check they have on too much inbreeding is solitary male Boar not running with the pack. Sows seldom tolerate full-grown Boar in the sounder for long, I'm not sure why but prevailing wisdom says the Boar have no nurturing instincts and sometimes eat the squeakers. Their behavior has genetically imprinted over thousands of years. Side note; if a Sow with a litter gets killed another Sow in the sounder will start lactating and take over motherhood, Sometimes multiple Sows lactate anyway. Their behavior can be a little flexible but even domestic Hogs seem to revert back to the standard after a few generations as ferals. The only real difference between Feral Hogs after a few generations and the real deal Wild Boar are the ferals often don't have the same breeding cycle of the real deal Wild Boar. Real Wild Boar only breed once a year in the Fall and often only the pack leader will breed, but not always. Real Wild Boar are categorized by age, first year, second year etc. Where feral domestics seem to come into season and breed more randomly. This random breeding seems to be a dominant trait, even after many generations and interbreeding with true Wild Boar.

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