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A first time poster comes in, revives a nearly 16 year old thread to:

1) Confuse “22 caliber” with “Rimfire” and neglect the dozens of 22 caliber centerfire cartridges on the market...

2) Exaggerate a fabrication where a 204 Ruger went end for end in a whitetail, AND blew the eye out of its head, nearly 2 feet away from point of entry.

3) Fabricate an tale of a 43 grain 20 cal bullet (the only 43grain bullet offered at all at midway is the 22cal Speer TNT - I’ve never seen a 43grn 20cal in 15 years with the 204 Ruger and 20 Prac).

4) Dramatically exaggerate the potential velocity of said bullet, by about 200-250 fps faster than I have ever been able to push a 40 grain bullet in 204R.

At least the avatar screen name is fitting.

WTF is going on around here lately? Trolls and bots abound, but the same search accessibility doesn’t yield new REAL users?
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