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Default .204 ruger

Originally Posted by frizzellr View Post
No I don't think its big enough for deer just like I don't think the 22 calibers are suited to deer either. Why do some people insist on pushing the envelope at the expense of inhumane kills and wasted animals?
the.22 caliber ammo is not center fire therefore no good, however, the .204 caliber ruger is maybe to powerful bullet for deer hunting. i use the 204 every year.the first deer i shot, I shot right in her chest, between her two legs, head on, and the bullet went in and blew out her eye ball,went through her,and upon exiting out her butt and blew the hair right off her rear end. when we butchered it,the blood in the deer was pushed into all the meat. a 43gr bullet travels 3970 fps.we also shot a 1/4 inch steel rotating target, and the 43gr bullet shot right through it.
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