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Originally Posted by JulioBobberts View Post
I think a compromise is necessary in this debate. One side thinks illegal immigrants should vote and the other does not. I propose we give illegal immigrants 1/2 of a vote each. This way we compromise and both sides win.
Assuming you are a real person and are serious about debating this, why? Illegal immigrants are people who enter a country illegally. Enter Mexico (or just about any other country on the planet) and you are committing a crime. In Mexico (country next door), you go to prison for entering their country illegally. Can't say as I blame them. In the US, there are a lot of ways to enter this country legally and many more to gaining citizenship. When studying to become a citizen, you learn about this country, how it works and what makes it special. People can and do realize their dreams in this country. It's really like no other country.

Giving anybody 1/2 of a vote is creating a 2nd class of citizens and doesn't do them or the US any favors. It's illegal in the US, in Mexico and just about every other country in the world for a reason. Illegal immigrants have no vested interest in a country, don't have any real knowledge of how that country works and by their illegal status, are susceptible to untoward influence in how they vote. In short, that's a recipe for disaster.
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