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Looks like we have two new leftists who have joined the forum. I wonder how many logical fallacies these people can bring to us. Start with the argumentum ad misericordiam -- the appeal to emotion. It is a logical fallacy! It doesn't carry any weight! I am referring to silly "what if you had to go to Canada, how would you feel then!"

We have laws. We live by laws. If a majority of our elected officials pass a law, and if it is deemed constitutional if challenged, then that becomes law. If it is unconstitutional, then the constitution has to be changed, and that is a more difficult task. Speaking for myself I think it would be stupid to change our laws to give illegal aliens any voting rights in our country. I would vote against any elected official who supported this initiative. I wager the VAST majority of US citizens would agree with my attitude. In fact, I would wager the VAST majority of citizens of any sovereign nation would oppose granting voting rights to illegal aliens in their countries.

We should not listen to stupid ideas such as this. The whole basis of such proposals is that long honoured, foundational concepts are subject to throwing out on a whim, as if they have no weight and substance. I'm serious. Just as an example, some leftists allege that age should not be a consideration in eligibility for public office. For example, it is said that the minimum age requirement for the office of US president is silly and has no value. What? Experience has no value in the balance with inexperience? That is stupid. Over and over and over again we are expected to swallow stupid and nonsensical ideas by the Left. My advice: do not listen to them. The idea that a transgender woman (a human being born make who identifies as female) is equal to a biological woman and hence can compete in sports with biological women is stupid. How did anyone manage to disassociate their thinking facility so far from reality to think this?

Our error is in paying attention to these clowns.
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