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All actions do come with risk. Having said that, I think it wisest to push forward. Pushing forward might rile libs up but they're already pretty riled up. Using Alsatian's examination process, what would happen if Trump waited? I don't think any libs would simmer down but I can see some of Trump's supporters getting a little discouraged at a perception of Trump bowing/yielding to libs, leftists, etc. If Trump stays the course (nominates a replacement now), Trump is playing his own game instead of following dictates/rules from Schumer, Pelosi and leftists. I say go for it.
O! There's no question Trump is going to make an appointment and make it promptly! What I see on-line says he'll announce his appointment by Friday or Saturday. THAT is gonna happen! If anyone thinks he isn't going to do that, they are crazy. I add that this does NOT run contrary to what is always done. The only question is how does the Senate handle it, given the election is near.
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