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We saw in 2018 that after the R's seated Kavanaugh, R enthusiasm waned, and R turnout was unable to match the left, who was foaming at the mouth angry (plus they also cheated).

I think at this point, left wing turnout should be expected to be record breaking. Whereas 24 hours ago, it was likely to be disappointing. So whatever Trump can do to maximize turnout- not a bad idea at all.

And either way, even if Trump loses the election, his seat and McConnell's majority are intact until Jan 21.

So they can hold the final vote and seat RBG's replacement anyway.

The only argument for seating a new justice before the election is also a very strong one though- and that is so that the 9th justice will give Trump a 6-3 majority in event that this election is decided before SCOTUS, as it was in 2000.

Which is a very real possibility.

Either way, there will be a 6-3 majority on the bench.

There is no realistic way for the dems to stop it, short of assassinations.
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